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Whole and Half Hog Deposits for 2021

$50 Deposit for Half Hogs Orders; $100 Deposit for Whole Hog Orders

Smoked Salmon - NEW for 2021!

The finest and freshest Atlantic salmon to produce the best-smoked salmon you ever had.

Hardwood Smoked Sausage - NEW ITEM ADDED !

A few years back while attending the Bacon Jam Festival in Fort Myers, Florida we had the opportunity to taste a...

Hardwood Smoked Ham

Hardwood Smoked Ham Steaks and whole hams.


Here you find pork bacon, ribs, chops and pork loin.


This Comprises Boneless Chops, Tomahawk Chops and Bone in Pork Chops.


This category comprises Pork Steaks and Ham Steaks.


A reference that can apply to several different cuts of pork used for roasting, referred to as: the loin roast,...


This Encompasses Spare Ribs, Country Style Ribs and Baby Back Ribs.

Osso Bucco

The Shank, also known as osso buco is a succulent meaty cut of the lower part of the pig leg.


The pork tenderloin, also called pork fillet or Gentleman's Cut, is a long thin cut of pork.

Ground Sausage

1# Bulk Sausage with various seasonings

Fresh Sausage Links

We have taken our famous Italian and Kielbasa Sausage's and decided to put them into 5:1 links (5 links to a...

Rendering Pork Fat

Packaged Pork Fat intended to be used for lard.


It is a German pork liver sausage, sometimes called liverwurst and it is always smoked. An old world sausage that is...

Frozen Blueberries

Local Michigan Blueberries are washed and graded from Blue Star farms, packaged conveniently in 10 Lb Boxes. You can...

Breakfast Sausage Seasonings

These are some of our favorite's! The Breakfast sausage seasoning allows the home do it your-selfer create and...


Make bacon using a Boston Butt pork roast or use a loin to make Canadian bacon. Slice your Buckboard Bacon how thick...


The Brine works great on chops and roasts.

Gift Certificate

Give someone you love our healthy direct from the farm Forest Ridge Pork. Quantities of $25.00

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