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We split a pig with some friends this year.  We had the first batch of pork chops this weekend.  My family all said that these were the best tasting chops we have ever had.  I had to agree.  The pork had so much flavor and the fat running through it was like a prime steak.  Amazing pork!!!  
Dave Backhaus, IL

Went REALLY well. The pick-up was very easy. Such a beautiful animal. We had a chance to cook a few chops and the meat is superb. Great job raising this one. Truly appreciate the great service as well. We will definitely be back.

Alex LeMay, IN

For several years, I have been trying to find good clean food, and pork is one of the products that has been difficult to find locally. I am one of those people who needs to be able to know and trust my farmer.  When I saw that the pigs were being raised in oak forests and that they were able to forage for their own food, I got really excited. When I started to “chat” with them, I believed that I had found someone that I could trust. I am a big believer in “knowing your farmer”, and George and Bonnie are the real thing. They understand what good clean food means to my family. And they speak my “food language”. We have been buying and eating their pork most of the summer, and loved everything.I can tell you, exercise and acorns and roots make happy pigs and great tender pork!!I have never eaten so many ribs in one summer! And the chops are fantastic! We are glad that we found them! 

Donna T. Hopkins, MI

We bought a few cuts of meat from Forest Ridge Farms at the beginning of the summer season. The sausages were excellent. (I had never tried Pork Steaks before.) The Pork Steaks were so good. I also never tried to cook Ribs before. The ribs were amazing. 

Dan & Ray, Port St Lucie, FL

As a 100% satsified customer and since the inception of their business I have been enjoying their pork.  

1.  The flavor exceeds any pork that I have ever purchased in a store or market.  

2. Having digestive issues and being an individual who loves meat, I was more than thrilled that I can eat Forest Ridge Farms pork several times a day. My favorite snack food is crumbled cooked sausage, which I keep in my fridge!

3. The service and assistance from George and Bonnie far exceeds the customer service which is sorely lacking in today's business arena.  You will not find yourself on the short end for assistance.

4.  I truly appreciate the excellent farming care of their hogs.  Without a doubt their diligent care contributes to the exceptional flavor, texture and even the color of Forest Ridge Farms Pork.

I am proudly looking forward to my specialized and packaged 1/2 hog this 2018 season.   

Deborah G. Harbor Springs, MI

I just placed my second order for this wonderful clean pork ! I love the ground pork with nothing added!! I have rendered the best lard from the fat for awesome pie crusts. I am excited to use the osso bucco from this latest order. I think it is so great to have real people raising clean heathy happy animals and I get to participate by enjoying super food !!!

Gretchen K. Brighton, MI

I am happy to say that my husband and I agree that the ham we purchased from Forest Ridge Farms was the best tasting ham we have ever eaten.  I don’t think we have ever enjoyed a ham more.  

Violet A. Burton, MI

So glad my family purchased 1/2 a pig from you.  Had no idea pork could taste this good.  My two young daughters even enjoy it and it feels good to know I'm feeding them healthy meat.   I love your story and how you let the pigs actually live their life the way it was meant to be.  You guys were so helpful along the course of my first year as a customer.  Can't thank you enough, you have a friend and client for life. 

Allen S. Kalamazoo, MI

In the attempt to balance economy and health, our family has found that buying our meat in bulk from local purveyors is superior to buying from corporate distributors. The price per pound savings for similar products from large industrial farms is considerable and families that sell meet from animals they've raised often share the same concerns we have about eating healthy. That's why we were happy to find George and Bonnie of Forest Ridge Farms. The half hog we bought from them has provided excellent meat and they made it very easy to have the various cuts of meat butchered to our liking. Amazing breakfast meats and pork chops that melt in your mouth! We will certainly consider them, when we empty our freezer of pork again.

Amos and Susie P. Glen, MI

We have been looking for a local farm source for pork products.  We met George and Bonnie and learned about their farm and how the hogs are raised and we decided to make a purchase and we are not disappointed.  The roast was delicious, tender and the taste was amazing!  We knew that this was one happy hog.  We are so happy to find a local source for our pork and learning that George and Bonnie have such a commitment to raising their hogs eases our minds in knowing that what we are feeding our family is healthier option than what we can purchase at the grocery store.  
Jon and Keiffer Holland, MI
Thanks George & Bonnie for your thoughtful intention with your land & these animals.  I am sorry I won't be able to see your farm looking forward to it next year as I will be back in Michigan for the long haul.  Best to you!
Jennifer G. Marquette, MI
We picked up our pork on Friday and I’ll tell you Bonnie, I couldn’t be happier with it!!! I can taste the hard work and dedication that you guys put into it, what an amazing product to bring to my family table. 
Joseph F. Caro, MI
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