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Half Hog Deposit

$ 50.00 Deposit for a Half hog.

Our Pork is $3/pound hanging weight. Hanging weight of a half pig averages 100 lbs. Processing runs $1.10 - $1.15 per pound. This varies based on what an individual wants smoked. Our Yield is 70%.

This is what you would expect to receive with a Half Hog:

SHOULDER: (Picnic) 5 lbs avg
Boneless Shoulder Roasts
Country Style Ribs

LOIN: 14 lbs avg
Pork Chops (Bone in or Boneless)
Loin Roast (Bone in or Boneless)
In any combination

BUTT: 9 lbs avg
Pork Steaks
Cottage Bacon
Bone-In or Boneless Roasts

BELLY: 11 lbs avg
Smoke for Bacon
Fresh Side Pork (No Smoke)

SPARE RIBS: 1.75 lb avg
St Louis Style
Grind into Sausage

HAMS: 15 lbs avg
Smoke the hams and have a combo of smoked hams and ham steaks or grind into extra sausage

HOCKS: 5 lbs avg
Cut fresh for Osso Bucco

JOWLS: 1 lb avg
Grind into sausages
Smoke and Slice (Jowl Bacon)

TRIM: 15 lbs avg
Sausages (Two choices: Plain, Polish, Farm Style Breakfast, Chorizo or Italian)

All finished product is vacuum packed in clear labeled packages.

Plan on approximately 1 cubic ft of freezer space for every 20# of Pork. A milk crate is slightly more than 1 cubic foot. You will need 2-3 cubic feet for a half hog.

1 Half Hog Deposit | 1 Deposit on Half Hog = $50.00