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Heritage – bred pigs come from genetic stock that pre-dates industrial farming. These porkers are brawlers – big, fat, and hardy enough tho thrive outdours, where they roam and forage. Strong genetics and better living conditions (in the forest) mean they don’t need a cocktail of antibiotics that factory- farmed swine are given.


HERITAGE PORK: How is it different? 

Whether it’s a chop or a roast, this pork is juciy, well – marbled, and insulated by a layer of firm, creamy, super delicious fat. Check out the color! The flesh of Heritage pork should be a beautiful, deep shade of red, which means a rich, pronounced, pound – the – table - it’s – so – good flavor to match. 

HERITAGE PORK: How do I cook it? 

All that fat is a cook’s best friend. You can get an extra – crusty sear on a thick – cut chop and it will rival the best rib – eye steak you ever had. You can braise that shoulder until it falls apart when you look at it – all without fear of drying out the meat.

We have learned this pork cooks faster than store bought pork. We recommend cooking steaks and chops from 135 – 145 degrees max. and letting it rest. Roast’s 140 – 145 degrees max and let it rest. For some of our customers it has been a learning curve, not to overcook.