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It is a German pork liver sausage, sometimes called liverwurst and it is always smoked. An old world sausage that is a precursor of today's fashionable artisan-made pate's, salumi, and charcuterie. This year we decided to take our pork livers and other pork components to an artisan butcher to be turned into braunschweiger, utilizing the butcher's 100 year old family recipe.

Braunschweiger (Forest Ridge Farms LLC)

One way to enjoy is to take two slices of rye bread and spread them with a thin coat of mayonnaise. Pile on several quarter-inch slices of braunschweiger, top with a generous slice of Bermuda (sweet) onion and lightly sprinkle with coarse salt. Add the top slice of bread. Our favorite is mixing the sausage with cream cheese and other seasonings to create the perfect liver pate spread.
1 Braunschweiger | 1 pound = $5.00 + $0.00 Assembly