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Forest Ridge Rendering Pork Fat

Packaged Pork Fat intended to be used for lard.

Leaf Fat (Forest Ridge Farms LLC)

When rendered this lard is praised by chefs and bakers all over the country. It is known as the secret ingredient to award winning pastries, pie crusts and biscuit recipes.
1 Leaf Fat | Approx 2 pound @ $3.00/pound = $6.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Fat Back (Forest Ridge Farms LLC)

Great for cooking, making soap and saute vegetables. Also, a great fat to mix with wild game for the do it yourself sausage makers.
1 Fat Back | Approx 1 pound @ $3.00/pound = $3.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Do It Yourself Home Lard Rendering Instructions (Forest Ridge Farms LLC)

Instructions needed to render fat into Lard INGREDIENTS: Pork Fat 1/4 Cup Water EQUIPMENT: Slow Cooker Cheese Cloth Strainer Ball Wide Mouth Freezer jars and plastic screw on Lids STEP 1: Cut or grind fat into small pieces STEP 2: Place fat in slow cooker and add 1/4 cup water. This prevents the fat from burning. It will evaporate during the rendering process. Place lid on top and set cooker to low. After about an hour or so you will start to see some liquid in the slow cooker. Give the cooker a stir every once and awhile until fat is completely melted. STEP 3: Strain lard. We use a V shaped colander lined with cheese cloth. Ladle the hot fat into wide mouth mason jars. Let cool. Store in fridge or freezer.
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